No improvement in UTI after using ciprobay & azithromyci

Patient: Good day.I’m a 42 year old male.I have had a bout of burning urine without a visible discharge in March this year. I used herbal medicine for UTI and it cleared within 3 days, so I did not seek medical attention. On 17 August I again had a bout of burning urine, which initially presented with a clear discharge. I had a 1 g single dose of ciprobay on 18 August and a 1 g single dose of azithromycin on 19 August. The clear discharge turned white and after the azithromycin dose it became clear again. I am currently still having a clear discharge, but the burning urine subsided to a more itchy feeling when urinating.If I had an STI such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma or ureaplasma – how long after the treatment should the discharge usually disappear? Should it have disappeared already [unless the specific STI might be resistant to the treatment I have received]?Could it be trichomoniasis [apparently the antibiotics I took is not the regimen for treating trichomoniasis] and if not, what else?I have to travel abroad in a few days and really need this to clear up soon? I just need to know and be prepared for what to expect now [I will only be able to visit a doctor on Tuesday].

Symptoms: Penile discharge and burning/itchy urination