No intercourse but dry sperm may have entered girlfriend. Chances of being pregnant?

Patient: I may sound crazy but around a week ago, my girlfriend and I never had intercourse, but potential sperm, could have been dried, could of touched around her vagina. I remember washing my hands I remember cleaning up the sperm with a tissue. I realize that this has a very low pregnancy rate but just to be safe. Around 6 days later, yesterday, she spotted after her lacrosse game and only spotted once. She claims that this is a result of her running as she played the entire game and overworked her body. She is suppose to have her period on Sunday-Friday. Could this bleeding be potential implantation bleeding or is this too early to have implantation bleeding 2 days before your expected period. I do realize that the getting pregnant form this method is very low and strange but just to be safe, what are the chances that she is pregnant?

Doctor: Thank you for your query. Even though the semen has been wiped dry with tissue if the semen sample or the penis after ej aculation have touched your partner around the vagina there are chances of a conception to occur if it was around her time of ovulation. Implantation bleeding takes place ~ 6 -7 plays post ovulation and intercourse during that time. The best option would be to opt for a home pregnancy test 7 – 10 days later to the expected menstrual cycle date in case the period is delayed.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.