No other doctor can help me! I’m miserable.

Patient: Good afternoon! I have been suffering from the following symptoms for the past two years… Brain fog (I feel stoned and/or drunk all day), dizziness (NOT vertigo, but more of an unbalanced, disequilibrium feeling), extreme light sensitivity (stores make me want to faint), pre-syncope, upper left quadrant pain in my abdomen (manifests when it feels like it – It’s not always present, occasionally pain on the right side of my abdomen also, and I can never pinpoint exactly what it is that brings it on), low blood sugar issues (NOT DM).I’ve had an array of tests – blood, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, audio, allergy (I’m apparently allergic to everything), etc… and I’ve seen an ENT, Neurologist, two different GP’s (one MD and one DO).

Symptoms: Brain fog, light sensitivity, low blood sugar issues, dizziness, pre-syncope, upper left pain and upper right pain in abdomen at times