No penile erections after implant removal

Patient: Enter Your question here… I’ve had penile implants removed. My corpora cavernosa were removed for the implants. Is erection possible with a vacuum pump or any other means?

Symptoms: No erections

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question to askthedoctor.comI am afraid once the corpora cavernosa has been removed , then t here are no chances of natural erection which occurs when the coprora cavernosa fills up with blood and erects the penis.After removal of the implants , it would probably take time for the remaining tissue to hypertrophy and overtake the function of the removed tissue.However, the option of vaccum pump may assist you in the situation but may not offer a cure. I would like you to discuss the options in detail with your treating physician .I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health ,regards