No Sexual urge: can it be due to a nerve damage?

Patient: I am a married woman with 2 children aged 19 and 11yrs. I have no sexual urge (maybe once or twice a month), when I do i seem to cum very fast. When my son was born 11 yrs ago i had a difficult delivery and the baby was very big, not sure if some nerve got damaged then. do i need to see a doctor?what kind do i need to see? i havent got my menopause yet. thanks

Doctor: Lack of libido and sexual urge can signify an organic or a pyshcosocial problem. I would advice you to get checked up by a physician as depression, being peromenopausal, thyroid issues, and many more conditions can lead to the lack of libido. Your sexual life also needs to be analysed in detail and also your relationship and home situtation. Please consult a physician in person for a more detailed analysis. Its unlikely that a nerve would have got damaged during the birth of your second child and even if it did it would not manifest years later as it has. All the best.