No spotting on 3rd day of period. Can I be pregnant

Patient: I have ny last periods on 18th june but they were not like ever.. on 1st day they were as dey are on 3rd day uasually.. and on 2nd day more less .. and on 3rd day not even a spot.. on 4th day in evening just single spot was there.. as usually every time its good enougf tilll 4th day.. then frm 5th it gets lesser n so on …and now m having lots of symptoms of pregnancy I have tested last morning with strip it was -ve.. now m confused is there any chances that m pregnant or not.. m 6 months married

Doctor: Most home pregnancy kits are quite reliable if the tests are done as per the product instructions. If you are still anxi ous about the possibility of a pregnancy you could visit your doctor or clinic with a request for a blood human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) test. The blood tests are more accurate than the urine tests and can detect even early stages of pregnancy.Your menstrual blood flow may be less owing to many factors including stress, weight fluctuations, recent illnesses, hormonal problems etc. The decreased blood flow may be a transient event however if the pattern persists you could visit a gynecologist for an evaluation.