No stress and no pill and periods are late

Patient: I haven’t had my period in last one week, but I have taken pregnancy tests and they came back negative. I’m concerned—any idea about why I’m missing my period? Is this serious?and im not taking any pills or in stress

Symptoms: sometimes fever

Doctor: I completely understand your concerns about missing your period. There are a lot of conditions that affect a woman’s me nstrual cycle such as excessive physical exercise, stress, weight fluctuations, thyroid abnormalities, hormonal imbalances etc.If you do not get periods by the end of this week I would recommend that you do the pregnancy test again and if it continues to be negative, you may need to visit your doctor or health care provider. The doctor may ask for an ultrasound evaluation and may prescribe you with progesterone containing pills for inducing a withdrawal bleed. Simultaneously he or she might suggest further investigations to find out about the cause of your delayed periods.Since you also mentioned you sometimes have fever as well, it would be advisable to rule out the possibility of any infectious diseases.