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No symptoms of miscarriage but no heartbeat in ultrasound

Patient: Hello Doctor,Feb 8 is my first day of last period, I went for sonogram on March 30 , doctor said they are unable to detect the baby’s heart beat and consider this as miscarriage . I do not have any cramping, bleeding or pain . Do I need to consider this as miscarriage or wait for 1-2 weeks and schedule an ultrasound ? How safe is this condition? Do I need to keep any positive hope?Your reply is greatly appreciated ….thank you .




Symptoms: Ultrasound detected no heartbeat for the baby

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Considering the last missed period to be Feb 8 and presuming that your past cycles were regular and your dating is accurate, the period of gestation amounts to 7 weeks and 5 days. Generally the gestational sac and the fetal appears by now and the heart beat appears by 6 weeks to 7 weeks and in your case it must have been visualized by now on scan if everything was normal. However, there is no harm in taking a second scan, you can wait for a couple of days more and not beyond that and get a scan done.In case there is no heart beat with the CRL matching your menstrual dates, then it will be a missed abortion. You will need medical termination and a D and C is indicated.It is indeed unfortunate, you can always try next time and take precautions to prevent this.Hope this helped.Regards


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