Non-bacterial causes for urethritis

Patient: Can certain products like, Purell (hand sanitizer) cause non-bacterial urethritis if used on the genitals? About one week after using this product, I began have symptoms of urethritis. When applying this product after an oral sexual encounter, I made sure I covered the entire shaft and even the beginning of the urethra. I cannot tell if the urethritis was caused by the sexual encounter or the product. I began having symptoms about one week later. I went and got tested for STI’s, however the NAAT came back negative for both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

Symptoms: Burning during urination, discharge, delayed urination, weak urine flow, cloudy urine

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There could be a possibility of developing a contact related inflammation of the urethra, by using the following chemicals like sanitizer in your case. It is a very rare possibility though, in your case it could be a cause for your symptoms. Other than a sexual intercourse being the cause, multiple other causes like transmission of bacteria from the rectum and throat, an underlying urinary tract infection, vigorous sexual activity, an infected female partner could also be other added causes to the urethral inflammation. Since your reports have been negative for STD, there is not much to worry. Kindly avoid the sanitizer or any new chemical, drink lots of water, up to 3 liters a day. Also see a physician and get a urine analysis done, as a urinary tract infection also may sometimes cause the symptoms. You may need a course of antibiotics if it turns out to be a urinary tract infection. Symptoms like fever, vomiting and severe burning during urination warrant an early visit to the doctor.Hope this helpedRegards