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Non-Diabetic using Metformin. Feeling good and I want to quit.

Patient: Hello, I’m 30 and Non-Diabetic, but my mom was diagnosed a few months ago with type 2, so I got really worried, I was a overweight and sedentary, so I’ve decided to start taking metformin 3 moths ago, 850 twice a day, also to eat dramatically healthy, drink at least 2 L of water, and exercise more frequently, and only 1 or 2 beers a week, I’ve lost weight and I’m feeling great (aside from stomachache). but now I want to quit metformin, I don’t party on regular basis, but every 2 months or so, I like (need) a good night out with lots of alcohol. I’m staying on the healthy boat, but I don’t want to be terrified of Lactic Acidosis if impromptu fun appears. Thanks!



Symptoms: Stomachache



Doctor: Well, why you started metformin if you are not diabetic?why are you terrified of lactic acidosis?, this is rare side e ffect of metformin. almost all of diabetic patients are on metformin, but very rarely anyone develop lactic acidosis

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Patient: Hello, and thanks
Well as I stated, I decide to use metformin because my mom is diabetic, I was 20 kilos over, and sedentetary, I thought that was a recipie for developing diabetes. I read that met is used on non diabetic people with overweight, so I gave it a try, (any of these was for the looks, It was 100% health concern) and it worked amazingly, alongside exercise an eating healthy. As for the lactic acidosis my worriy is not met itself but the combination with alcohol in large amounts every 2 months. I’m also worried to quit and develop glucose resistance .
Thanks again


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