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Hello, I recently had to return to canada from the ukraine after been hospitalized, doctors recommended I return to canaa for further tests and treatment. They discovered an apparent dead kidney enlarged and deformed , due to the possibiltiy of infection they advisd for surgery a soon as possible.Is this the only optin ? Or is there other treatment , my doctor here said that surgery may not even be possible.


I understand how worried you are about your kidney condition. There are several conditions that might cause inflammation of the kidneys that could lead to necrosis if not treated promptly.
Complications from diabetes, hypertension, drugs, genetic disease, etc might lead to a non functional kidney.  Sometimes when a kidney is just not functioning at all, the chances for infection and possible complications from this increase and removal might be necessary after a careful evaluation.
I would definitely suggest you to first consult your Nephrologist back in Canada for a more detailed evaluation of your kidney function and to rule out the exact diagnosis, then if total kidney failure is diagnosed surgery might be an option.

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