Non-painful, swollen lympth nodes

Patient: Hello, I am a healthy 23yr old female. For the past month I have had 2 very swollen lymph nodes underneath my jaw, they are as big as a medium sized grape. I have had no other signs of illness, but I have been exposed to many sick people in the past month as I just started working in the ER. Just wondering if this was something to be concerned about?

Symptoms: Swollen sub-mandibular lymph nodes, not painful, just large in size.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.If the size is actually like a medium sized grape then that is significant and you should get it checked by your physician. Sub mandibular lymph nodes can be enlarged as a manifestation of throat infection, gingivitis, an infected tooth, or just the general cold and flu.However, you have not mentioned any symptoms. Still these are the few possibilities where sub mandibular lymph nodes can be enlarged.Sometimes though lymph nodes can seem enlarged without any symptoms, as a part of reactive lymphadenitis, mostly due to some past infection. If you have absolutely no symptoms, just swollen lymph nodes it could also be just reactive lymphadenitis. But it is better you get it examined by your physician who can also examine your oral cavity.Hope this was helpful,Regards.