Non-surgical Breast Augmentation With Herbal Supplements

Patient: I am trying to decided if i should get breast implants or trying using creams/pills. I really cant get any time off that would be long enough for the recovery of the operation. I really don’t know if the creams/pills really work and don’t want to threw my money away. any how if you could help or know of such creams/pills that do work i would be greatly appreciated. Oh and i have had two children if that even matters. Don’t know where else to turn

Doctor: Unfortunately, there is currently no non-surgical alternative to breast implants. There are no pills or creams that will increase breast size. Surgery is the only method that can alter the size and shape of breast. It may as simple as a breast lift (procedure in which breast are fixed at a higher location on the chest wall) or breast implants (procedure in which bags of saline solution are inserted in the breast to increase their size).