Normal cycles after miscarriage/ natural abortion

Patient: I had a miscarriage just after Christmas last year still haven’t had a period yet!! Is this normal, I’m worried, I would like to try for another baby soon

Doctor: Typically the occurence of a the first period after a miscarriage varies from woman to woman but is usually somewhere be tween 4-6 weeks. This time period is counted from the day you had your D & C for the miscarriage . If you had a natural miscarraige ie no D&C was required then it may even take longer. This is basically due to the hormonal levels which change during a potential pregnancy. However it is improtant to note that this period is not fixed. However you have had a duration of almost 12 weeks since your miscarriage and this is concerning . I would advice you to see you OBGYN specialist for a thorough check up and investigations.