Normal fasting blood sugar

Patient: Is it possible to have normal fasting blood sugars and still have diabetes?I had one glucose tolerance test a year after my gestational diabetes (26 years ago) which was normal.Since then I have had yearly fasting AM test which have all been normal. The problem is, if I am not mistaken.. my fasting while pregnant was normal too, yet they told me on a scale of 1/10, I was a seven.I have very high risk factors, and many of the symptoms.. (plus this just “feels” familiar) I am having trouble convincing my doctor to do a glucose tolerance test.. do you think I need one to rule it out?

Symptoms: Excessive Thirst, Frequent Urination, Frequent Bladder Infections, Incontinence (both ways), Numbness Below the Waist, Total Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss, I hit my knee and it took over 6 month to heal, EXTREME FATIGUE and weakness.

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