Nose huggie after rhinoplasty

Patient: Would the nose huggie straighten my cartilage?

Symptoms: Nose huggie is a tool that claims to straighten and thin the nose. I had a rhinoplasty a year ago and from the beginning I noticed the left side was bigger, I just assumed it was uneven swelling. Now, a year later, left side cartilage is still larger. I finally asked my surgeon about it and he said that my cartilage “seemed to have shifted over”. This is BS since my left side look bigger even from the beginning. Since only my cartilage is crooked and hard bone, would the tool work for me?

Doctor: Thanks for your question.Nose huggies is a tool that squeezes the nose in an attempt to reshape the cartilage. I ha ve never personally used this device but have looked into it. It seems to me that simply applying external pressure will not make any measurable difference in the long term shape of the nasal cartilages. I do not believe that 15 minutes a day of pressure will have any effect. That being said, I have no experience with the device and see little downside of using it. Please be cautious and have appropriate expectations.In my opinion, the only way to achieve a straighter nose, and to reshape the cartilage, is surgically. If you were not satisfied with your previous surgeon, you can make an appointment to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can go through all the options with you.