Nose itching and uncontrolled contsant sneezing

Patient: I am complaining nose itching, which results uncontrolled sneeze how can i recover this problem?

Symptoms: i have cough, sneezing, sore throat

Doctor: Although, you have not mentioned about the duration or periodicity of your symptoms, it appears from your description th at you could be suffering from a nasal allergy for a long time now. Your body reacts when you come in contact with the environmental agent to which you are sensitive to. This leads to persistence of symptoms while you are in the same environment and tends to improve with change of place. This condition can be easily managed with professional help from an Allergy Specialist. ‘Allergy Skin Prick Testing -Environmental Panel’ (which includes Dust Mites, Molds, Pollens, Animal Dander, Dusts, Insects, etc.) should be conducted to identify the cause. Thereafter, specific avoidance therapy along with anti-allergic medication would immensely help to control your symptoms effectively. Early treatment is important to avoid future complications.