Nosebleeds Stop Only After Some Mucus Is Released

Patient: I have been suffering with nosebleeds for overa year and a half now. When they bleed, the blood pours from my nose and will not stop until some sort of mucus comes out of it. the mucus comes out in great lumps, after which my nose will stop bleeding and be okay! i get these nose bleeds at all times of year and not just when i have cold. wi hvae upwards of 20 nosebleeds a year and they last on average about 20 minutes! i lose a lot of blood and often feel light headed after! my blood pressure is normal please help me

Doctor: You need to consult and ENT specialist since you have been losing large amounts of blood and feeling lightheaded followi ng every episode. It is absolultely necessary to find and treat the cause of the repeated nasal bleeding in large amounts to prevent such episodes in future. The bleeding could be due infection, foreign body stuck inside, deviated or perforated nasal septum, vigorous nose blowing, use of drugs like cocaine, bleeding disorder or tumour etc. You may try to stop the bleeding by ice application on the cheeks and by bending your head forward and pinching the nose for few minutes, then releasing it and repeating this technique several times would help stop your bleeding.