Not Diabetic, but Experiencing Diabetic Symptoms

Patient: Initially, my fasting blood sugar was 5.8 mmol-l back in early October last year; I was experiencing the symptoms of diabetes and my doctor referred me to a glucose tolerance test. This test came up as being negative, and I prepared for the test according to guidelines (Eating high carb diet for 3 days prior). However, I was still experiencing diabetic symptoms and subsequently have undergone several more blood tests, another glucose tolerance test and 2 urine tests; all were revealed to be negative. Please note that I prepared for these tests correctly to avoid false positives. I am still currently experiencing symptoms such as frequent urination, thirst, dizziness, abdominal grumbling, eye irritation and unintentional weight loss (11kg over the past 5 months). My thyroid is in good attention according to TSH. Do I have diabetes or another metabolic disorder? Please help.

Doctor: Frequency of urination is a very common symptom associated with infection of urine, but it seems that in your case any k ind of urine infection has been ruled out with the subsequent urine tests performed to date. However if not done, a urine test to test specifically for a urine infection should be done first to rule out any possibility of infection.There is a form of diabetic condition called the Diabetes Insipidus, which has no relation with blood or urine sugar levels. In this condition, there is excessive loss of water from the body, leading to the production of similar symptoms like frequency of urination, thirst etc.The water conservation power of the kidneys , which is controlled by a hormone called anti diuretic hormone (secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain), is affected. You may want to discuss with your family doctor the the fact that there is continuation of the symptoms and to consider the possibility of diabetes insipidus.