Not getting recoverd from UTI

Patient: Hello Sir,I had symptoms of UTI and was prescribed Cifran CT for 5 days. Burning sensation in urine reduced but it was still there after taking medicines for 5 days. After reports came it was confirmed it is UTI (E-COli) as many pus cells, few epithelial and few bacteria (colony count > 100000) were found. Also reports showed bacteria as resistant to Ciprofloxacin, so Cifran had no effect. My doctor changed the medicine and advised to take Duonem ER 300 mg for 7 days.I have been feeling uneasy and it is not getting any better after 6 days. Do I need another consultation or I should continue with the medicine for another 7 days. Appreciate your advice on this.Thanks,Alok

Symptoms: Burning Sensation in Urine, Urination too frequent

Not getting recoverd from UTI-1 Not getting recoverd from UTI-1