Not Receiving Proper Advice from Current Physician

Patient: Well I’m 25 years old and seeking desperate help for regulation. I conceived my first child at age 17 after misuse of orthotricyclen. Because of my mistake, I got on the depo shot to prevent future unplanned pregnancies. At age 21 I missed a shot in Feb08 and because of annual enrollment for insurance on my job was not until Nov08 I was no longer receiving birth control. I turned 22 Sep08 and became pregnant AGAIN(did not know until my check-up in mid Nov)! Anxious to return to depo, soon after the birth of my second son (Jun09), I received my shot Jul09. I do not know why but these last 2 years on the shot have been HORRIBLE, I was constantly bleeding, depressed, headaches, weight gain, hair loss, and all of the other bad side effects I googled on the net. So I was scheduled for my last shot Jul11 and informed my doctor that this method was no longer working for me. I immediately began recovering from the side effects and was feeling great, until the beginning of this month. I had multiple pregnancy symptoms and have seen the doctor at least 3 times this month confirming that I am not pregnant. I so desperately want the heavy bleeding, cramps, headaches, back aches, nausea, fatigue, and breast tenderness to go away. Having explained all of this, I was wondering will going back on the birth control pill help alleviate my condition (or symptoms) and be an effective birth control since I am more mature, more aware of my situation, and better prepared for the maintenance of the pill?