Not sexually active in 3 months and took a pregnancy

Patient: Not sexually active in 3 months and took a pregnancy test at the hospital which came back negative

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have not been sexually active in 3 months, it is obvious and natural that pre gnancy test is negative.I think that your query is not complete. We want to help you better. Kindly write more details and ask your question so that we can guide you further.If you have any menstrual disorders or planning for a conception, kindly give details.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: I had surgery on my knee in May and my period has not come since. Is this common?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
Although periods can get altered after a surgery, it may not happen for so long. There could be a mild hormonal imbalance, however, the periods may resume after one month. In your case, it has been quite some time since your last cycles. We need to evaluate the cause. Uterine causes like endomteriosis, tuberculosis, ovarian causes like polycystic ovaries, ovarian hormonal imbalance, general causes like anemia, thyroid disorders have to be ruled out. Reduce stress levels and have a healthy diet.
In case of any doubts, please write back to us.