Not sure if I can be pregnant

Patient: Hi , I’m 14 years old I’ve had 4 heart surgerys and I have hyperthyroid . I haven’t been getting my period for almost 3 months now , I’m a virgin , I’ve never been sexually active with anyone . But I’ve been having bad mood swings , I’ll spot sometimes , I’m bloated ,I’ve been eating a lot and sometimes im very dizzy , get nauseous, and very very tired . And I’ve been having strange dreams that im pregnant . I’m kinda scared and I don’t know what’s going on with my body

Symptoms: Fugitive, dizziness , spotting , not having my period , having a big appitite , going pee a lot , mood swings, nauseous, bloating often ,weight gain

Doctor: Hello,You need to understand that in the initial 2-3 years of cycles after the menarche, the periods are an-ovular wh ich means that there is no ovulation at all and hence no chances of pregnancy.The symptoms you are experiencing form a part of symptom complex called PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME and which may mimic early pregnancy symptoms and indicate that your menses would ensue in few days. These symptoms would subside once the menses resume or stop completely. The delay in cycles is probably due to stress post surgery that may have an effect on hormonal balance.It is advised that you may wait for your menses to resume for a week and they shall resume.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards