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Not sure if this is related to possible MS or something different

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have been feeling kinda awkward the last several days and not sure as to why. I am scheduled to have a spinal tap at the end of this month, as the drs think I may have MS. I have had an MRI done, which showed the white spots and my symptoms have leaned towards that. I have been having double vision when I look to my right and when I start to be physically active-everything gets double to me and some other symptoms. This has been on going since October 2010. Aside from all that though-a few strange things have happened to me since Friday (today is Wednesday). I woke up friday-totally dizzy and off balance and nauseous. My ears felt plugged and figured it was due to that. The plugged ears went away but I was off all day-light headed, nauseaous, and just kinda woozy-but come saturday, Sunday and Monday I felt fine. Well on Tuesday my vision in my right eye totally disappeared-was VERY dark grey, almost black, with some haze and lasted about 2 minutes. After vision came back-I got a very bad headache. That went away eventually. Today (wednesday) I got the same loss of vision issue-not quite as dark but still did not have vision in right eye and it lasted about 30 seconds, again, followed by a headache. Well, got home and rested some, because I was very tired and got up and was wallking around, when the right side of my body "went to sleep" for a few seconds. My arm felt heavy and my leg felt like it would if you were sitting on it wrong and it goes to sleep and you have a hard time walking. That only lasted a few seconds-maybe 10 or so, followed by severe headache. Headache has lessened some, but is still there. I am not a hypochondriac, but just seems like very strange things and not sure if its related to possible diagnosis of MS or something different. and obviously my Drs office is closed now.....thanks for feedback!

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From your description, it seems that your symptoms are likely related to the MS. You may have multiple neurologic deficits at different times and locations, which is a part of this disease condition. Your symptoms would likely improve with the treatment of MS.I have high blood pressure and weak kidneys.

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