Not sure if what I have is Epiditimytis

Patient: So, a few years back I had an anal fissure. Had 2 surgeries to remove the fistula, and everything seamed to be fine. Months went by and then I started having anal leakage, penile discharge and pain behind the scrotum. doctor said it was epiditimytis. took Cipro and seamed to have went away over time. now recently i’ve been having the same issues; leakage, drainage and pain behind the eft scrotum. could this be Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Syphilis?

Symptoms: Anal leakage, pain behind the scrotum and discharge from the penis

Doctor: Hello,The recurrence of symptoms again can be due to reinfection. Th penile discharge is most often due to gonorrhea and pain in scrotum can be due to epididymitis secondary to infection. You have to consult your physician again for a discharge culture to identify the organisms from anus and penis and thereby direct antibiotic treatment.It is likely that your partner also harbors the infection and should be treated completely before you both indulge in intimate activities again.I hope i have answered your query .Wishing you good health,regards