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Not Sure Whats Wrong With Me Bad pain

Patient: Hey im a young 21 year old female and the last almost 2 weeks i have had a major headache and getting dizzy plus diarrhea and when i had an x-ray about 1 week ago they said there was a small black mass but before they gave me the results i left cause t was 5am and i needed sleep plus when i blow my nose there is blood for the last 2 days and really bad back pain constantly for 3 weeks any idea what it possibly could be?



Symptoms: A major headache for 2 weeks
getting dizzy for 2 weeks
diarrhea for 2 weeks
blow my nose there is blood for 2 days
really bad back and chest pain for 3 weeks



Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you could have a bacterial infection. This would account for the headac he, dizziness and generalized fatigue and pain. Your symptoms do not point to any specific type of infection per se, so it will be difficult for us to offer a definitive diagnosis. However, we do recommend that you pursue further medical evaluation of this. It is important that you stay adequately hydrated in order to make sure your diarrhea causes you to become dehydrated. Please seek further medical evaluation.Thank you for consulting


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