Nothing works for my acne

Patient: I’ve had for almost most of my middle school and so far my high school life. I’ve used benzoyl peroxide, proactive, over the counter face washes, and cetaphil but none has helped and shown any sign of improvement. On my face. My face is oily, and gets dry easily. The acne isn’t severe, actually as of right now, it’s not necessarily bumpy, just a lot of red dots, although, most of the bumpy acne is on my back and chest. I’ve been to my dermatologist and they gave me doxycycline and then after a few months I think I changed to dSoxycycline mono which doesn’t make my stomach upset and such. It worked and I’ve used it for about 6 months. I got off it and then my acne became quite bad from not using it. I don’t want to go back on it because I know that prolong use of antibiotics isn’t good for me. But that was the only thing that worked. Is there something that will fade away theredness, and take away the acne onmu back and chest? Also after I wash my face, it becomes dry, with little peeling skin. I used a cetaphil moisturizer but my dermatologist told me not to put it on because the cause of acne is oil and bacteria and the lotion would just make my face oily. But I don’t like having the dry skin, and I’m constantly out of the house and I don’t want people to look at it. What do I do? I have a rather healthy diet… But I don’t seem to drink enough water. Is this affecting my skin?