Novel Retention Technique: Professional Opinion

Patient: Hi, I’m wondering about a self-discovered tantric technique derived from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika that I have been practicing for about 5 months. There is a bandha lock at the front of the perineum, a group of muscles that can be drawn inward to inhibit the emission of semen during intercourse. In attempting to do so with sincere muscular effort and precision, it was apparent that this was going to be difficult to hold, especially in the most ecstatic of moments, so I decided to modify by placing the middle three fingers across the muscular group and pressing gently and firmly. A feeling of awe and accomplishment was experienced on the first successful retention, and a feeling of satiated and immersive fullness, in stark contrast to the typical absence of energy after an ejaculation. The technique has been used 100+ times successfully, and we have imagined that the pressure simply closes the tubes through which semen and sperm typically travel and converge in the pre-urethral passageway. In lieu of many successful non-ejaculatory orgasms, we are interested in a professional opinion of how this is working (mechanism of action), and what it might be doing? Disclaimer: The technique is not being used as a contraceptive method, Morena is present.

Symptoms: None