Numbness & Pain after excruciating muscle spasm

Patient: Hi. One year ago I went to ER for my right leg muscle from my knee to hip. The pain was almost unbearable but the muscle itself was going wild under my skin. The muscle was spasming for hours. You could actually see this with your own eyes. When it would spasm the pain was intense. ER ordered a doppler to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot. It came back fine. No x-rays were taken. My right muscle is now numb but painful at times.

Symptoms: Pain and numbness one year after onset

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since he doppler ultrasound ruled out any blood clots within your upper leg, the numbness a nd pain you are experiencing may actually be due to damage or compression of the nerve supplying your leg. In order to determine where this is originating, you will need to be examined once more by a specialist in orthopedic surgery and and possibly have a nerve conduction study performed to determine the cause of your numbness and pain. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting