Numbness due to Shingles

Patient: Hi,I am 64 years old, I was recently diagnosed with Shingles (Herpes Zoster) in the right leg. Though the blisters have gone away (I am in post-herpetic neurologia phase) but pain and numbness are still there.I was advised by my physician to go for a Electro-diagnosis. Findings reveal severe denervation in right femoral and obturator nerves compatible with right L2-3-4 root lesion (herpertic etiology)Electromyography: Right quadriceps, adductor longus and L-2-3-4 paraspinals are severely denervated with very few motor units. Normal right hemstrings, gelutei, tib and gastroc.My physician is saying that it will take me atleast 8-9 months to recover and it is possible that I may not recover at all. Also, he has advised to go for electro-simulation.Please let me know if this is useful and what are my chances of recovery.Thanks,Inder Prasth Gosain.