Numbness in forehead due to shingles

Patient: I was diagnosed with shingles 4 weeks ago. I took Acyclovir for 2 weeks. The rash is over but the left half of my forehead and scalp continue to be completely numb. There has been no improvement at all in the numbness and in the last few days the numbness has spread to the left side of my nose as well. Is this common with shingles and can anything be done to help bring back feeling?

Symptoms: Persistent numbness due to shingles

Doctor: Thank you for choosing Ask The DoctorI understand the concern you must be having towards your health.Based on th e description that you have given, it seems that you have Post-Herpetic Neuralgia which is a sequelae of Shingles. In your case, instead of pain, it has presented with numbness. This numbness occurs due to nerve damage.This numbness can take a few months to a year to go away. The numbness will go away when the damaged nerves get repaired. If the numbness lasts for another month, then you should see a Doctor. The Doctor can give you some creams and medications which can help.Also, regular exercise and massage to the numb area can promote nerve repair.Hope this helps you. All the best.