Numbness in penis

Patient: I am 30yrs and suffering from numbness in my penis. the sensation in my penis has decreased by a large amount. erection is there but not as prompt as it used to be. ejaculation is still there. the problem started around 6 months back. while urinating there used to be discharge of some fluid from my penis which continued for around a month. After that the discharge stopped. Before this has happened, i use to have full sensation in my penis when excited, with some fluid also coming out during excitation. Now even with full erection, sensation is quite less and its almost dry (very less or no fluid coming out). Though discharge is proper during sex or masturbation. Got married recently (before marriage i never had sex, though i used to masturbate a lot).Can you please let me know the following details ?1) what are the probable causes for this ?2) do i need to get any tests done to diagnose the problem ?3) is it curable…if yes how much time does it take for full cure ?4) do you prescribe any medicines or any particular diet or any particular exercise for its cure ?