Numbness in the thigh for 3 months

Patient: More than three months numness is existing in left thigh even after taking neurobine tabs and injections and IFT & IPT. how to overcome this numbness?

Doctor: There are many causes of non-traumatic leg pain. Pain in the legs can be present because of several conditions that affe ct joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, skin or nerves. According with the description that you made of your leg pain and how it developed, there is a high probability that we are in presence of a Neuropathy, which produces a pain occurring from a peripheral nerve inflammation not associated with the spinal cord called Meralgia Paresthetica that causes pain in the upper anterior and inner thigh resulting from entrapment or inflammation of a nerve that leaves the pelvis. This type of pain tends to involve part of one leg only.The suggested strategy would be: conservative therapy, such as physical therapy, weight reduction to reduce abdominal girth, moist heat application, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs as Ibuprofen and avoid wearing constrictive garments, belts, or braces that impart excessive focal pressure at the lateral aspect of the thigh affected. If does not et better with these measures it is strongly recommend to be evaluated by a orthopedic surgeon and maybe consider the corticosteroid injection at the spinal or inguinal level which may provide more chronic relief of symptoms.