Nutrition allergy?

Patient: Hello,I wonder if you might have an idea as to what has caused my allergy. I have red, hot, swollen, itchy ears; itchy rash on my neck, shoulders and under my jaws; my face and eyes are a bit swollen; I have a dry, coarse feeling in my throat sometimes; my stomach and the lower part of my back has been a bit itchy. The photo quality is not great – the rash is actually more red.My doctor says it looks like contact allergy, but all I wear is organic cotton and occationally an acrylic sweater. I wash my clothes, my hair and my body in the mildest organic products I can get. I use no jewellery, and I have not been wearing any make-up during or just before the “attack”.I think it comes from nutrition – coffee, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, coconut, or corn (corn starch). Could stress play a role?I am vegan and eat 100 % organic vegan food.Thank you in advance if you would help me.