Nutrition to control type 2 diabetes mellitus

Patient: My latest glucose level from my blood work was 135, please tell me how i can lower my level without percription drugs (through diet and foods) thank you




Doctor: Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is the process by which a nutrition prescription is tailored for individual patients wit h diabetes based on medical, lifestyle, and personal factors. MNT is based on caloric intake (balanced with caloric expenditure); weight loss, increased physical activity, and weight management; consistency in day-to-day carbohydrate intake at meals and snacks; nutritional content; timing of meals and snacks. A rough estimate of caloric needs to maintain body weight can be determined for an average man at 15 kcal/lb. To estimate caloric needs for weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week, subtract 500 to 1000 calories from weight maintenance calories. I would advise referral to a dietician for a nutrition programme tailored to your individual lifestyle, with the use of high glycaemic index foods to help regulate your blood sugar levels. .


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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