Nuts allergy

Patient: Hi ,i just get married with a girl , she had nut i wanna ask ..if we had kids , my kids will had nut allergy too ?also she never had emergency situation , what the first thing to do ?! go to hospital or i should have some medications ?!for ur known .. if my wife eat nut she will had Suffocation i want to know all about this for my kid and my wife

Doctor: Since you have not mentioned, I assume that your wife is suffering from peanut allergy (the commonest form of nut allerg y). As a first step: AVOID peanuts and all the food items containing peanuts. Read the ingredients of all the processed food items carefully, before consuming them and make specific enquires about the food served at Restaurants/ Cafes etc. Secondly, ask your doctor about EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors. Since your wife has reported suffocation after having peanuts, she is likely to develop much severe reactions (anaphylaxis) in future, if contact/ingestion of peanuts is not avoided. These auto-Injectors contain a single dose of epinephrine, that can prove to be life saving in emergency situations, before one can reach the Emergency Room. They are easy to carry and can be self-administered. Regarding your kids, it is advised not to introduce peanuts or peanut preparations up to first 3 years of life. Thereafter, with caution. All the best!

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Patient: thank you so much doctor