O- parents , mother needs anti body shot why?

Patient: Both parents are RH O-, the blood test taken by mother indicates the antibody shot is necessary, there are NO previous known pregnancies, NO transfusions, does the blood test tell the doctor the baby’s RH factor, and or for what other reason would the shot be necessary, or why would the mother have these antibodies unless baby is O+, can she have antibodies from anything else? would a doctor just give the shot just in case?

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: Antibody shots destroy possible mismatched blood cells in case of a so called “Rh Iso-immunisation”. If an Rh Negative mother carries an Rh Positive fetus, this kind of exchange of blood may occur during pregnancy, or, more commonly at the time of delivery. The mother’s immune system forms antibodies against the fetal blood cells, and keeps the weapon ready for future. The weapons or antibodies spring into action at once another RH Positive child is conceived and may cause various problems in the next and subsequent pregnancies. This Rhesus isoimmunisation, is also know as Rh (D) disease, Rhesus incompatibility, Rhesus disease or RhD Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn, To explain further,The disease ranges from mild to severe, and typically occurs only in some second or subsequent pregnancies of Rh negative women where the fetus’s father is Rh positive, leading to a Rh+ pregnancy. During birth, the mother may be exposed to the infant’s blood, and this causes the development of antibodies, which may affect the health of subsequent Rh+ pregnancies. In mild cases, the fetus may have mild anaemia with reticulocytosis. In moderate or severe cases the fetus may have a more marked anaemia and erythroblastosis (erythroblastosis fetalis). When the disease is very severe it may cause haemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN), hydrops fetalis or stillbirth.Thus the shots of RhoGam(TM) are administered as an insurance for the future pregnancies rather than the current one. Baby’s blood group may be tested before postpartum administration of this shot, to determine its requirement, only if the baby is Rh Positive. Some units also administer antenatal shots for added security, even before the baby’s blood group is known.