Occipital Nerves Causing Headache?

Patient: Hi, I suffer from chronic daily migraines (as diagnosed by a neurologist). Recently, I had a lidocaine nerve block for the occipital nerves; it was the first time I’ve ever been pain free–for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a low level headache that sometimes evolves into a migraine. While the nerve block didn’t last more than an hour, the experience was extraordinary.Interestingly, my physical therapist has noted something about my external occipital protuberance (previous to the nerve block). It’s unusually knobby; it sticks out much more dramatically than the average person’s. What’s more, a load of muscular tension tends to be centered around that point, as well as a minor amount of swelling near the greater occipital nerves. (I’ll add that I don’t have all of the symptoms of occipital neuralgia–no burning or tingling.)My question is this: could an external occipital protuberance that’s grown in such a way cause any amount of stress on the occipital nerves, therefore triggering a 24/7 low level headache? If you could please give your opinion, I’m 21 and I’m miserable–it was just an idea I’ve had.

Symptoms: Headache, Migraine, Muscular Tension in Neck