OCD and other probs

Patient: Respected Sir,I’m1)a young unmarried job seeker guy of 31 years and severely addicted to pornography or blue films.2)But in real life I have no girl-friend till now.3)I also can not properly communicate or interact with females and also have no friend-circle.4)I have no obstruction that I am being called by some of my school and college friends as a sexually perverted and unsocial stupid person who can not complete any job perfectly.5)I also can not stop myself from doing a particular work repeatedly…which was diagnosed as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.6)I can not trust anybody to whom I can confess my guilt and sins.7)I have also a nervous weakness problem from my childhood and a mathematics-phobia.I’m fade up with my life style and do not have any intention to be alive for more days being an enemy of humankind.I am also unable to find a way out from my problems…Doctor!please,please suggest me a solution and make me grateful to you…Yours sincerely,(name withheld)

Symptoms: Guilt,lonely and insecurity feeling and lack of self-confidence

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is nothing that you should feel guilty of or feel so low about. Watching porn is not wrong and in fact it prevents you from getting desperate and get into worst situations. you can deal with the maths phobia by improving your learning skills and problem-solving techniques. Do not give an ear to people who criticize you, in fact, challenge them that you could do better and would prove the same. Consider consulting a psychiatrist and can always express your problems to the doctor. Everything would be kept confidential. Multiple behaviour therapy sessions with medications will surely help you. Do not even think of ending your life, these are small problems and you can surely deal with them. If you work towards finding solutions, you will go higher in life and be successful. Think positive and see a doctor soon, you may also express your worries with dear ones as well as your parents or close family or friends whom you trust upon.Hope this helped.Regards