Odd moisture and odor surrounding groin area

Patient: Please bare with me because this is a very serious question. My groin/anus region is always very wet. It is very strange to me because at times I will be shivering but still moist in that area. I am talking visible moisture on my underwear. I have tried many fungal creams prescribed by my doctor but they don’t seem to do the trick. Sometimes after passing gas I will notice moisture on my underwear, but nothing that contains any feces, and it always fades away without a stain. Also, sometimes people ask me if i have passed gas even though i haven’t and I don’t smell anything. What could be going on down there?Question 1- Could this be coming from inside my intenstinesQuestion 2- How soon can you try a certain fungal cream after ceasing the use? And do you recommend that?

Symptoms: Moisture, possible odor

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you may be experiencing excessive sweating in your groin and buttock re gion. Certain persons sweat more than others. This is a natural process of regulating your body’s temperature. This is not coming from your intestines. We recommend using non-fragranced talcum or cornstarch powder in the area to keep dry, and clean. You do not exhibit symptoms of a fungal infection, so antifungal creams will not be necessary for this.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com