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Odd Pain in Upper Arms and Shoulders for two weeks

Patient: I have been having a pain in both my upper arms – shoulders for around 2 weeks. It’s worse in my left arm and gets much worse at night. It’s an achy burning sensation similar to having a pulled muscle but more intense. Sometimes it wont hurt in the day at all but aches when i lift my arms above my head or stretch. At first I though I had pulled a muscle so I tried massaging the area but it didn’t feel like anything. Apart from a small part of the front of my arm that feels like a bruise and it sore to touch. I have read the Rotators Cuff Impingement answer but it doesn’t sound the same, nor have I done it whilst doing something physical.




Doctor: You might be experiencing a mechanical upper back pain, produced by the straining of that segment of the spine, you prob ably are not stretching adequately before beginning your physical activities and this adds more stress to an affected area not totally healed. Also sometimes the muscles tend to contract during the sleep for the tension or stress during the day. You should revise your sleeping habits, and how relax you are when the bedtime comes.The conservative treatment of the upper back pain is basically relative rest of the spinal segment involved, avoiding all the activities that produce pain or discomfort, such as weight lifting. Also very important is the reeducation to keep a good posture at all times. Control of the pain and inflammation with Ice, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen). Keep a consistent exercise routine with stretching and extension-flexion which may reduce tension and stress to the spinal joints. A home program is developed within the tolerance and ability in order to encourage continued exercise.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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