Odds of being pregnant?

Patient: I track my period very closely with a period tracker app. I have a 28 day cycle and I have never even been a day late. I had unprotected sex the week I was fertile (according to the app). I had dark brown spotting for a few days, although I don’t remember what days those were. I was supposed to start my period 6 days ago, and so far nothing. I’ve taken 2 ClearBlue tests, but both have come back negative. What are the odds that I am actually pregnant?

Symptoms: Bloating, fatigue, no appetite, sore nipples.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Considering your symptoms and the regularity of your cycles, you can be pregnant and th ere is a likely chance of it. This is because you have had an unprotected intercourse during your fertile period and also have the symptoms of an early pregnancy. However, since your pregnancy test is negative, we need to keep in mind delayed ovulation as a possibility and repeat the pregnancy test again after a week. If you do not wish to wait for a week, see a gynecologist and get a blood test called beta hCG done. This test is more specific in detecting a pregnancy and will help you rule it out as well and act accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards