Odor and Bacterial Vaginosis

Patient: What can i do or take to cure Bacterial Vaginosis?I cannot seem to get ride of the smell unless I am on menstraul cycle.I have tried douche’s and showering twice daily, i do not know what else to do.

Doctor: Hello, I realize your concern about Bacterial Vaginosis and the odor that it causes. This condition is the most common c ause of Vaginitis. It is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease; it is just caused by overgrowth of normal flora entities such as Gardnerella and other anaerobes.Frequent douching is considered a risk factor for this condition and not part of the treatment because the vagina needs to stay at an acidic state to maintain the balance of its flora and douching frequently could alter that acidic environment, use of intrauterine devices and pregnancy states are also risk factors.The grayish-white discharge with fishy odor is characteristic of this condition and should be confirmed by Saline Smear test or a “whiff test” with hydrogen peroxide done by your Health care provider and to rule out other possibilities such as yeast or trichomonas. The treatment for this condition include antibiotics which will also need to be prescribed by your doctor, either oral Metronidazol or Clindamycin could be used. I wish you the best.