Odour from my feet after I step on wool carpets or blankets, am I allergic?

Patient: I don’t wear shoes or socks, I mostly walk bare foot. From last week I notice a odor like smelly feet, when I keep my feet for a while on the carpet under my desk. Saturday morning I shower and my feet didn’t smell. Later I put my feet on a wool blanket and after a while the same odor occur. I removed my feet from the blanket and placed it on the tile floor and later the odor disappear. can I be allergic to something in the carpet an blanket?

Symptoms: Smelly feet and a somewhat sweaty burning sensation on my feet.

Doctor: The commonest cause of smelly feet is fungal infection. You should always keep your feet clean and dry. Avoid using the carpet and wash your feet more frequently, since you always remain bare feet (as mentioned in your description). You could also use anti-fungal dusting powder in the web spaces of your toes at night after a wash (using mild soap and water) and drying it. If you don’t feel relieved in a weeks time, you may please seek help from a Dermatologist.