Ok doc Hello I’m 13 years old soon to be

Patient: Ok doc. Hello I’m 13 years old soon to be 14 in less than a month and I’m a healthy weight. But I’m not very happy with the way I look and feel. I really want to lose weight. But I don’t know how. I hear all these different things about how to lose weight and going vegan to lose weight and stuff like that but I’m so confused. I try calorie counting and I don’t feel straved or anything 1400-1600 calories a day but then I always read about how calorie restriction is so dangerous and not long term. I’m so confused I don’t know how to lose weight and I honestly don’t really have the option of going vegan because my mom is already reluctant into buying me healthy foods. So if I ask for anything like almond milk or non dairy cheese or more than 2 fruits than I’m in trouble. She doesn’t really support me on the whole losing weight thing. So how do I do this help please?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and nicely put in a very practical problem faced by the teenagers at home.The simple pri ncipal is as follows:The weight can be lost or be got at the healthy levels by three means.1 .Diet control, which you have a problem with due to the problems your Mom has with this. Hence not in your hands.You can at least start something as follows:Increase saladsstop sugars in any formstake more of veg , these are practical points you can follow .2. This is more easy as you are just going to be 14 -Try cycling, trekking, walking alone and briskly.increase your ”output”by increasing the physical works.3. Combination of the two and to take the services of a Dietitianand a Physical Trainer.Hope this helps you.