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Ok me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time

Patient: Ok me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time last night and we did the pull out method. We only had sex for a minute and When I was about to cum I pulled out and then cummed. I wiped all the cum off the end of my penis and after a minute or so I tried to put it back in but I couldnt. I tried to put it in several times but couldn’t and I lost my erection and we stopped. Yes I know always wear a condom but it was one of those of the moment kind of deals. She started birth control 4 days ago also. What I’m wondering is how great of a chances there that she could end up pregnant from me ejaculating wiping it off and then basically touching the outside of her vagina with my penis? Her period is in 6 days also. I’m really nervous. Any help would be appreciated.




Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.The method you practice is highly unsafe.The initial secretion s that are there for lubrication also contains sperms and just 1 sperm is enough for getting pregnant.You have not mentioned her last menstrual period date and date you had sex. So, I am unable to calculate if she was in the safe period when you had sex or not.Wait for her periods. If she misses her periods, get urine pregnancy test done at home after 10 days of missing her periods.I would advise you to be cautious next time and to use protection while having any sexual activity.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy


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