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Ok so, for the last 3 years I have been

Patient: Ok so, for the last 3 years I have been having problems with my breathing, more felt in the left side of my throat. The symptoms faded slightly when I was pregnant, but as soon as I gave birth I felt winded and my heart beat was all over the place. I didn’t mention it to a doctor As I thought it may have been the stress of child birth my heart did go back to normal after a day or so. Now when I walk anywhere or even exercise I fell like there’s a blockage in my throat more on the left side. I have been to the doctors who gave given me reflux tablets and anxiety med but I know this is not the problem. I do feel at times there is lots of trapped air in my stomach, these are all the symptoms that seem to occur but the most annoying one is the left side of my neck and throat and feeling like I have been winded at times , I get the odd pulpitations and breathing in fully is a no go, my inhaler dosent even work. I just want someone to say ” this is what you have ” i want to be able to go to the gym – I do think it is heart related but I have had two ecgs which have come back normal, and my chest is all clear. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am a 28 year old femal



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at 2 normal ECGs and a clear chest, it does not seem relate d to the heart at all.However, since you have been having such a chronic problem, I would advise you to get an endoscopy which would confirm the reflux if it is indeed causing the symptoms.Trapped gas does lead to such problems, increasing the chances of reflux as well as causing a chronic ” lump like feeling in the throat “Once the endoscopy is done, it would be clear.I would also advise you to get yourself tested for H, Pylori infection which increases the chances of so much trapped gas, as well as reflux.Feel free to discuss further.



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Patient: Thank you. I shall ask for a endoscopy to be done.
When I tired running my breathing was restricted in my throat and got pulpitations when running, is this normal if I am not getting enough air when exercising ?

Doctor: It just seems like the fitness got hampered post pregnancy.
Because if something was indeed wrong with the lungs, it would have showed up in the x rays and even the ECGs have been normal.


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