Ok. so I have recently been worried about sudden food allergies.

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Patient: Ok so I have recently been worried about sudden food allergies. This is mainly due to anxiety. I am 25 years old and have never had any type of allergies. This past week when I have eaten certain foods my tongue has been itchy. I went to an allergist and he did a skin test and the results were all negative. My questions are how accurate are skin tests? What is the actual chance of suddenly developing a food allergy as an adult? Thanks.

Symptoms: Itchy tongue, panicking when eating, pressure in head

Doctor: Hello,I acknowledge your concerns.Some people tend to be allergic to a variety of foods.Common food allergens ar e:-Egg-soya-seafoods-NutsSome Children may be allergic to cow milk.Skin tests are not 100% accurate in detecting food allergy.You did not mention the foods that are causing you trouble.When an allergic reaction is severe, the person may develop facial puffiness, swelling of tongue and breathing difficulty.If any such features occur, I recommend you not to try those foods again.With repeated exposure, the subsequent allergic reaction may become severe and life threatening at times.I recommend you to meet your physician for a proper evaluation.Anxiety has little association with an allergic reaction.Genetic predisposition is a common cause in many cases.Hope this information helps.Wishing you a quick recovery.

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Patient: Ok So last night I started to notice that I am having pain in my chest when I swallow. I thought it would be gone by morning but it is still there. I am able to swallow liquids and soft foods but it does hurt. What could this be and how can I relieve it. Thanks.

Doctor: Hello,
Pain during swallowing is usually due to
– Throat infections
– ulcer formation in esophagus
– Infections like Candida
– At times swallowing pills with little amount of water can cause pill induced esophageal injury.
Try gargling with warm saline if there is a sorethroat.
Take plenty of liquids.
If problem persists, meet your physician for fuĊ•ther evaluation.
Hope this information helps.

Patient: Ok the problem has persisted to the point where I am having trouble swallowing everything. It feels like the food is stuck in my throat. Every time I swallow I it feels like I have a constant lump in my throat. Is it possible that this is all from my anxiety since it just started last Friday. I should mention my anxiety is very high. In the past week I have been tested for food allergies, asthma, and blood clots. I have an appointment with an ENT but it is not for 10 days. Any suggestions would be appreciated so I can start eating again. Thanks

Doctor: Hello,
I acknowledge your concerns.
Some people have this sensation of a lump in the throat.
It’s called globus hystericus. It is not related to hysteria per se. But no cause is usually identified despite endoscopy and other relevant investigations.
At your age, the possibility of finding any worrisome abnormality is low.
Your ENT surgeon will evaluate and suggest an endoscopy if deemed necessary.
Till then you may try warm saline gargles.
Wishing you a quick recovery.

Patient: Ok thank you for the advice. Now I am experiencing this tickling feeling in my chest and throat after I eat and drink. There is usually no cough with it. I was just at the doctor on Wednesday and she listened to my my breathing and everything sounded fine. I wanted to know what are the chances of fluid or food getting into my lungs and would I have any symptoms. Thanks.

Doctor: Hello,
The chances of food or fluid entering the lungs in a healthy person are low..
These problems are usually seen in subjects with neurological disorders (called as aspiration)
Symptoms of aspiration are cough, fever, difficulty in breathing.

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