Ok So I stopped my period and the day after

Patient: Ok. So I stopped my period and the day after I had sex with my boyfriend and he came inside me.. But I missed 5 days of birth control before I had sex. I started bleeding after I had sex I bled for 2 days but like I said the day before I had sex my period stopped. Can I get pregnant if I bled after sex?? but my boyfriend DID cum inside my body.

Symptoms: No symptoms yet it’s only been 6 days

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you missed five birth control pills, you can not expect the same efficacy in preventing pregnancy from birth control method.Irregular menstrual bleeding can be seen due to missing the pills.Better to wait till your expected date of withdrawal bleeding, if you do not get bleeding as expected, please go for urine pregnancy test once to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.Take care