Ok so my ex boyfriend and I are fooling around

Patient: Ok so my ex boyfriend and I are fooling around because we both still have feelings etc. anyways my period is 12 days late now, but here’s the story!So my period was 5 days late already and then he came over and fingered me. He hadn’t came but he might have gotten pre ejaculate on his hands when he fixed his pants around but he insists that nothing was on his hands the two times he fingered me. Also I took 2 birth control pills before this so that could also have delayed my period, and I’ve been stressed with exams for the past weeks. I’m 15 also. We’ve dry humped but with clothes on. I’ve given him a handjob but didn’t touch myself after and would wash my hands would cold water and he wouldn’t finger me after. I have cramps in my stomach a bit and im bloated. This happened about a week and a half ago. Could I somehow be pregnant from this? I’ve told my mom about the dry humping, and handjob and that’s it and she thinks it’s fine. If I took two birth control pills would it delay my period for a while?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.With fingering and a hand job or dry sex, no one can get pregnant. A natural pregnancy can happen only if there is penetration of the penis into the vagina, followed by a complete ejaculation inside. Hence, there is nothing to worry about getting pregnant. Yes, the birth control can delay the cycles.Hope this helped.Regards